Dragon’s Gate

Dragon’s Gate

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Dragon’s Gate2015, pigment on canvas, printed 32″x 16″ / projected 72″ x 36″ This painting was created live at a ChinaSF event on the 24th floor patio of the new NEMA building in San Francisco using the latest technology: the Touchjet Pond (that turns any surface into a smart wall) and the Infinite Painter app. […]

Live Digital Painting<br>on <em>Real</em> Canvas!<br>de Young, San Francisco

Live Digital Painting
on Real Canvas!
de Young, San Francisco

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I love it when technology, art and performance synergize together in creative harmony and create something bigger and more spectacular than the sum of the parts. That’s what happened at the ArtPoint Cocktail Party, de Young Museum, on November 12th where I had the pleasure of live painting with a combination of cutting edge technology: […]

Majestic Style

Majestic Style

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Majestic Style2015, mixed media on canvas, 50″x 24″ This painting depicts a 1951 Kaiser Deluxe outside the historic Majestic Hotel South Beach, 660 Ocean Drive, South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida. The hotel was designed by Albert Anis and completed in 1940. Amongst the magnificent Art Deco buildings of the South Beach Art Deco District, the […]

<em>Paper to Pixels</em><br>Fall Open Studios Art Show<br>November 2015

Paper to Pixels
Fall Open Studios Art Show
November 2015

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Paper to Pixels Fall Open Studios Art Show, November 6 – 8, 2015 ~ Part of the city-wide San Francisco Open Studios Sutton Studios & Gallery, 1890 Bryant Street #306, San Francisco, CA 94110 (cross street Mariposa) Click here for map Jewel 2015, Live iPad portrait created at the Open Studios Show using iPad Air, […]

Ortigia Alley

Ortigia Alley

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Ortigia Alley, 2015, MacBook Pro + Corel Painter 2016 + Wacom Intuos Pro M This painting depicts a scene I saw in one of the beautiful picturesque alleys of the ancient city of Ortigia, Siracusa, Sicily. It was created as part of a teaching demonstration for my Painter 2016 In-Depth Photo-Paint Workflow video tutorial (for […]

iPad Sketching Demo<br>RileyStreet, October 31st, 2015

iPad Sketching Demo
RileyStreet, October 31st, 2015

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Halloween demo at the RileyStreet Art Supply Store in San Rafael was enlivened by a suitably costumed fellow Corel Painter Elite Master Rhoda Draws, who, as you see above, became one of my sketch victims, I mean subjects! Denis was my other subject. I used an iPad Air, Sketch Club and Pencil by 53 for […]

After Giacometti

After Giacometti

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“Two iPad Sketches After Giacometti”, 2015, iPad Air + Sketch Club + Pencil by 53 These two iPad sketches were created by me from scratch inspired by, and based on direct observation of, Giacometti’s wonderful work on display at the show “Giacometti: Pure Presence”, London National Portrait Gallery (see the Curator’s introduction and this review). […]

Hands On! Conference<br>The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam<br>October 13 – 16, 2015

Hands On! Conference
The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
October 13 – 16, 2015

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On October 15, 2015, I presented a short 6 minute mini-talk known as a “palorado”, and performed live iPad painting, at the “Hands On!” Conference in the magnificent and recently renovated Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. “Hands On!” is the international association of children in museums. The conference is attended by over 300 museum professionals from […]