Live Event Digital Painter / Live Wedding iPad Painter /
Unique Digital Paint Performer – Captures the Event as it Evolves Over Time




Live Painting a Scene


Live Painting Digital Portraits


Live Painting a Company, Institution or Person’s History


Parallel Play
Live Painting to Live Music


Live Painting a Mural


Virtual or In-Person Group Art Activity

Virtual or In-Person Team-Building / Art Breaks / Draw-Alongs / Art Classes / Paint ’n’ Sips

Jeremy offers customized art-making engagement experiences for conferences, team-building activities and other events, both virtual and in-person. These interactive art experiences are designed to be fun, engaging, participative, lively, stimulating and energizing. Everyone creates something! Attendees can enjoy, for instance, a mini virtual iPad art class or can create a collaborative in-person paint-by-numbers mural together. Ideal for small groups or teams up to about thirty people.

Live Painting Virtual Digital Portraits

Unique portraits created in one-on-one live virtual sittings

Each portrait typically takes about ten minutes and is created live, one-on-one, in a virtual portrait sitting. The sitter and other attendees see the portrait unfold. Each subject can receive digital files of their completed portrait and the cool replay video, plus prints can be sent afterwards.

Portrait Conversation Keynote

A Portrait in Words and Paint
Insightful, Revealing & Inspiring Conversation Combined with a Live Expressive Portrait in Digital Paint

The Portrait Conversation Keynote uniquely combines a conversation with an inspirational featured guest while Jeremy paints a portrait of that guest. Stimulating, inspiring, and entertaining. Great keynote presentation or “fireside chat” segment for any virtual or in-person meeting, conference, fundraiser or other type of event. It can be suited to any theme, topic, subject matter and duration. Suitable for any size group.


Add that “Wow!” factor when you add Jeremy Sutton to your event. This is creative art+tech entertainment at it’s best, where innovation meets imagination!

Jeremy’s dynamic and engaging live interactive Art+Tech entertainment leaves a lasting impression that your guests will talk about for years to come. Using the latest state-of-the-art innovative digital art tools, Jeremy customizes each performance to suit his client needs. His entire creative process, whether creating a lively painting of the scene, making expressive portraits of guests, or visually interpreting a company history or presentation in real-time, is displayed on a large screen (or multiple screens) for everyone to enjoy watching the artwork unfold. His paintings are created with fine art skills honed over decades of experience. Jeremy is a master of his art form and media, a pioneer in the field of digital painting and the author of six books on the subject.
Upon completion the client receives digital files of the artwork plus a magical time-lapse replay video, all ready to share and post on social media right away. Jeremy has worked with hundreds of corporate, institutional and private clients world-wide ranging from Virgin Atlantic Airlines and Cirque du Soleil to the largest tech companies and prestigious museums such as the Smithsonian American Art Museum. If you are interested in booking Jeremy to paint at your event – whether a corporate reception, meeting, incentive destination travel, influencer event, celebration, holiday party, activation, VIP suite, trade show, fund raiser or gala – then please email Jeremy to discuss your needs in detail.

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