Easily applied and removed, static cling safety sticker 4.4″ wide x 2.8″ maximum height
Pack of five static cling safety stickers: US $25 / UK £20
(Plus packing and shipping and any applicable taxes)
To purchase email jeremy@jeremysutton.com.

For anyone used to driving on the right hand side of the road, the first times driving in the UK on the left hand side of the road can be challenging and dangerous. This simple removable and re-useable static cling UK Safe Driving sticker is designed to be placed on the inside lower center of your car front window where it will be a non-obtrusive and non-distracting reminder to keep on the left of the roadway. This reminder is especially important for quiet country roads and for turning left and right at any junction.

Being static cling they are easily removed without any residue or damage to the window. Therefore they are suitable for temporary use in any vehicle.

To purchase a pack of five “Keep Left” static cling stickers please email jeremy@jeremysutton.com with your shipping address and phone number. Shipped world-wide. You will then be sent a PayPal invoice, which can be paid by any major credit card. The invoice will include packing and shipping and any applicable taxes. Upon receipt of payment in full the order will be placed and estimated shipping is within 21 days of payment received.

Please note that this sticker is intended to be a safety aid but there is no implicit or implied guarantee that the sticker will prevent an accident. It is always best to drive with great care and caution.