Drawing from the Model
mDAC 2017

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In this class, part of the mobile Digital Art & Creativity (mDAC) Summit in Mountain View, we will draw from the model and explore movement, shape, line and tone, starting with short and moving poses and ending with longer poses. We will use the app Procreate.

“Valentine Standing”, 2015, iPad Air + Sketch Club + Pencil by 53
This sketch was created from life at a Dr. Sketchy’s drawing session in San Francisco. The model, Valentine, is a Flamenco dancer. Click on the movie below to see a brush stroke by brush stroke replay recording.

On the technical side, by the end of this class you will know how to : –
1. Navigate around the Procreate interface and move between the gallery and drawing views;
2. Import an interesting backgrounds to draw over;
3. Choose, adjust and customize brushes and brush looks;
4. Pick and fine tune color using the color wheel and value/saturation circle;
5. Work on multiple layers; and
6. Playback, save and share your entire creative process as a replay video.

If you wish to be fully prepared for this class, then here are some tips for making the most of it:

1. Install Procreate
Please make sure you have the latest version of Procreate installed on your iPad ahead of time.

2. Have a Stylus
If you have an iPad Pro then the Apple Pencil is a must, and that is the combination I highly recommend! The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are an mobile artist’s dream combination! If you are using a older / different model of iPad that doesn’t work with the Apple Pencil, then see my iPad Art Tools page for other stylus recommendations.

3. Pre-Charge Your iPad and Stylus
Please ensure you fully charge your iPad and, as relevant, your stylus, overnight before class.

4. Label Your Equipment
Please clearly label everything, especially your iPad and stylus/es, with your name: it’s very easy to accidentally pick up someone else’s stylus.

5. Make a Dedicated Art Apps Home Page
I recommend organizing your art apps and grouping them together in a dedicated art apps “home page”. As you swipe from one home screen full of app icons to another, these pages are what I am referring to as “home pages”. Some may prefer grouping art apps into a folder. You can move app icons around, including from one home page to another, by pressing and holding on any icon until they all shake. Once they are shaking you can drag the app icons from one position to another, and when you drag them to the edge of a screen they jump into the adjacent home page. To stop them shaking, click on the home button, the round depression at the bottom of the iPad below the screen.

6. Place Your Settings, Photos and Camera Icons in Your Dock
Using the same technique for moving app icons around, I recommend making sure your dock includes the Settings (looks like a set of gears), Photos (looks like a multi-colored flower) and Camera app icons. The Dock is the row of icons you see at the bottom each home page, that remain the same whichever page is being viewed.

7. Capture and Organize Backgrounds
With your iPad please photograph some thick fine art papers, distressed walls and all sorts of interesting textures and surfaces. Then select these in your Camera Roll, choose Add To, create a new album called Backgrounds, and save them into this album. We’ll be making use of them in class.

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