The Art of Drawing From Life
mDAC 2015

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I share below photos and artworks from the iPad figure drawing class, The Art of Drawing From Life, I taught at the 2015 mDAC Summit, Palo Alto, August 9th, 2015. We had over 70 people participate from all levels of experience, some professional artists and some who had never drawn before. I introduced both the technique and artistry of drawing the figure from life (with a live model, Inky) using the iOS app Sketch Club on the iPad. I led the class in a variety of art exercises designed to help everyone loosen up on the digital canvas and draw what they see.

Thank you so much for introducing me to Sketch Club. Your workshop is a game changer for me.
~ Julie London

Thanks for ART energy boost!
~ Jemal Diamond

I had the BEST TIME at mDAC myself when I attended Jeremy Sutton’s Live Figure Drawing Class. In fact, it completely revitalized my love of life drawing. So much fun. Jeremy is a WONDERFUL instructor and he makes it such fun, it’s better than a Broadway show AND you get to create your own artwork as well!! How cool is that?
~ Caroline Mustard

Thank you for your enthusiasm and expertise during your session at the conference today. This was the first time I’ve done figure drawing. It was a little bit daunting but lots of fun.
~ Kris Paaso

I was bowled over at the energy and enthusiasm of the response to this class which has inspired me to run a follow up iPad Figure Drawing Class in my studio on August 22nd. To see the class notes, including links to the book and stylus I referenced in my introductory remarks, please click here. Here is some of the wonderful work created by participants in the class.

Drawing by Caroline Mustard

Drawing by Ivy Newport

Drawing by Susan Neville

Drawing by Peggy Gyulai

Drawing by Jennifer Kretschmer

Drawing by Jennifer Kretschmer

Drawing by Kim Smith

Drawing by Jemal Diamond

Drawing by Julie London

Drawing by Jeannie Mecorney

Drawing by Kris Paaso

Drawing by Paul Longo

Jeremy moonwalking with Caroline looking on – photo by Yoni Mayeri

Informational video about the class that was included on the mDAC site.

Thank you everyone who participated, thank you Sumit and Caroline for inviting me to teach at your great Summit, thank you to the Palo Alto Art Center who went out of their way to help accommodate all my needs for running this class, and thank you Inky for being an inspirational model!

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