iPad Figure Drawing Class
mDAC 2016

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In the iPad Figure Drawing Class I taught at the mobile Digital Art & Creativity (mDAC) Summit in the Palo Alto Art Center on Sunday, August 14th, 2016, we drew from the model and explored movement, shape, line and tone, starting with short and moving poses and ending with longer poses. We used the app Procreate.

Drawing Roxy using the Touchjet POND and the ArtRage app on canvas. This was part of a demo on the opening night of the mDAC 2016 Summit.

On the technical side, by the end of this class participants knew how to:
1. Navigate around the Procreate interface and move between the gallery and drawing views;
2. Import an interesting backgrounds to draw over;
3. Choose, adjust and customize brushes and brush looks;
4. Pick and fine tune color using the color wheel and value/saturation circle;
5. Work on multiple layers; and
6. Playback, save and share your entire creative process as a replay video.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this class; to Sumit and Caroline for inviting me to teach at their great Summit; to Savage Interactive, the creators and publishers of Procreate, for their generous sponsorship of my class; to ArtRage for the use of their app with my Touchjet POND demo; to the Palo Alto Art Center who went out of their way to help accommodate all my needs for running this class, and to Amber for being an inspirational model!


  1. Jeannie Mecorney
    August 16, 2015

    Fabulous class! Great energy and the drawings that everyone did were spectacular. Just love drawing on a tablet. I take it everywhere now. Best session of the summit! And there were many great ones! Hope others will attend next year.

  2. Carlos Camus
    August 10, 2016


    Felicitaciones por incentivar el Arte- Pintura Digital
    El IPAD , es un excelente medio para que los creativos expresen su ARTE.
    Soy uno de los pioneros de LA PINTURA DIGITAL
    Y celebro lo bien que enseñas , el uso de los programas y la mejor forma de expresar el arte de cada interesado.
    En lo que pueda colaborar , contento estaré
    Hago clases a personas de habla hispana y en mi país Chile
    Carlos Camus


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