Live Painting at the Sun Princess Name Reveal

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This painting was created live at the Name Reveal Event for Princess Cruises latest cruise ship, the Sun Princess. Before the name was revealed I live painted a scene of the view from the deck of the cruise ship showing Greek islands and the Agean on the left and an Alaskan scene on the right. Then for the reveal I painted a sunrise happening, starting with night and transforming into the early morning light, with the Sun Princess depicted on the right.

The actual reveal was so beautiful: a dancer was suspended below a balloon and danced in the air with the setting sun directly behind her as the fabulous electric string quartet Spinphony Strings played The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun”.

My paintings, virtual murals, were displayed in real time on a 60′ x 20′ floating barge display system moored at the terminal. The audience could enjoy seeing the brush strokes as they built up into the completed artworks.

This is the replay of the first artwork I made:

Here are some photos from the event:

And the artworks:

Big thank you to the whole team, talent and staff involved in this fabulous event!

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