Live iPad Portrait Painting
Cal. Academy of Sciences
August 4th, 2016

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I painted portraits of guests at the California Academy of Sciences NightLife LIVE event in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, on August 4th, 2016. Situated outside in the West Garden, I was one of the featured Artspan Artists highlighted at this event. It was a very fun evening and the guests enjoyed watching the portraits being created, as well as having their own portraits sketched!

Here are some photos and portrait video replays from the night:

Cate being drawn

Live iPad portrait painting replay video showing the development of my portrait of Cate

Annalyn and David with their print

Portrait replay of Annalyn and David’s portrait

Drawing Antoinette

Drawing Florence and Gabe (photo: Betty Bigas)

Portrait replay of Florence and Gabe’s portrait

Drawing Sheri

Drawing Amy

Portrait replay of Amy’s portrait

Photos are taken by Sarah Lamb unless otherwise credited. Thank you, Sarah, for your help at this event. Thank you. Artspan, for inviting me to participate.

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