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Parallel Play: Live Art + Live Music + Cool Venue

“Parallel Play” offers a unique and exciting entertainment for special events, meetings and conference welcome parties, whether in-person or virtual. Your guests enjoy a live painting performance where live event painter and digital art pioneer Jeremy Sutton paints, responds to and depicts a top class band as they play, while event guests enjoy watching the resulting live painting unfold.

You can see in this video above examples of Jeremy’s live performance art being displayed as part of the stage design behind the Birdland All-Stars featuring Tommy Igoe (on the Art of Jazz east coast tour) and behind Seal (at the launch of the ‘Seven Seas Splendor’ luxury cruise ship in Miami).

For the virtual version of Parallel Play a cool venue with atmospheric ambience is carefully selected. The virtual version is a high production quality, multi-camera, multi-sensory experience in real time. Suitable for any size group.

In the example shown above Jeremy live paints The Cosmo Alleycats in the historic and iconic Club Deluxe – a one-of-a-kind bar nestled in the heart of the Haight/Ashbury district of San Francisco.

For a classical touch… a multi-sensory extravaganza with two musicians and two artists! Violin: Mélanie Clapiès, Cello: James Jaffe, artist working on paper: Peggy Gyulai, and artist on iPad: Jeremy Sutton.


These two videos show Jeremy live painting the Alpha Rhythm Kings playing live in the atmospheric Mr. Tipple’s Recording Studio Soul & Spirits Jazz Club – a speakeasy nestled in the civic center of San Francisco. The first of these two videos shows a featured appearance on the Entire Variety show produced by Entire Productions.