Live Digital Painting
on Real Canvas!
de Young, San Francisco

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I love it when technology, art and performance synergize together in creative harmony and create something bigger and more spectacular than the sum of the parts. That’s what happened at the ArtPoint Cocktail Party, de Young Museum, on November 12th where I had the pleasure of live painting with a combination of cutting edge technology: the recently released Touchjet Pond Projector, which turns any surface into an interactive smart wall; and the Android painting app Corel Painter Mobile.

The theme of the event was innovation and the arts, resonating with the theme of the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition (PPIE) which is the subject of the one of the current shows in the museum, plus the theme of Hawaii since the Royal Hawaiian Featherworks are also currently on display in the museum. I chose to paint the Palace of Fine Arts, one of the last remaining structures from the PPIE, loosely basing it on a photo I had taken earlier this year. You can see in the videos below how I was painting on a “real”, i.e. non-digital canvas. It was a pleasure to be able to paint digitally directly at large scale, with full body motion, and to feel the resistance, give and tactility of the canvas surface texture.

After this event I received this nice note:

Dear Jeremy,

I cannot thank you enough for your participation with last night’s event. You truly brought the Art to the Innovation! It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you, and I would love to do so again.

Sincerely, Carrie

Carrie Cottini
Assistant Events Manager
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
de Young
Legion of Honor

To see another example of my use of the Touchjet Pond to digitally paint live on real canvas, please see Dragon’s Gate.

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