These two paintings depict Flamenco dancers Juan and Emmy performing in the attic of the historic Scottish Rite Temple, Santa Fe (a beautiful building modeled after the Alhambra in Spain), as part of my workshop titled “Painting the Passion of Flamenco” at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.

The more recent painting at the top of this page was created as part of my PainterLab session February 2, 2015. PainterLab is a monthly online session during which I choose an artist who has a birthday that month, discuss their work and do a live demo inspired by their style. This month’s birthday artist is Pierre-Auguste ‪Renoir‬ whose birthday is February 25th. The painting composition was loosely inspired by Renoir’s “Dance in the Country” which shows his wife to be, Aline Charigot, dancing with his friend Paul Lhote. If you look carefully you’ll see some common elements like the fan, hat on the floor and table on the right, none of which were in my original reference photo of Emmy and Juan. The earlier painting (second one down) of Emmy and Juan is from a different moment in the same dance.

I created this latest painting using ‪Corel‬ ‪Painter 2015‬ on an iMac with a ‎Wacom‬ Intuos Pro M. The brushes I used in Painter included modern art in a can, Sargent, Wood, Real 6B Soft Pencil, Flemish Rub and the Digital Watercolor Broad Water Brush. You can see how the painting evolved in the PainterLab 28 recording posted on PaintboxTV.com.

Originally October 2012, revisited February 2015

My series of Flamenco-inspired artworks includes:
Duet in Red
Flamenco Flare!
Flamenco Fiesta at El Farol
Flamenco Jam

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  1. Clyde Semler
    March 13, 2015

    The recent one’s a beaut! Though completely original in your own style, you’ve subtly tipped your hat to some echoes of the past….even Joaquin Sorolla and Sargent. Sorolla was also a Februarian. 😉 The painting has a rich evolution of thoughtfully considered layers combined with spontaneous shoulder-charged fluorishes of your *brush*. The two modes and your working them together give this great illusionistic credibility….and vibrant painterly life! Now, March….let’s see….

    Best, CS


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