This painting depicts Flamenco dancer La Emi performing at the historic Scottish Rite Temple, Santa Fe (a beautiful building modeled after the Alhambra in Spain). The source photograph was taken by me as part of my 2012 workshop titled “Painting the Passion of Flamenco” that I taught through the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. In the background you see two accompanying musicians, Chuscales (right) and Joaquin Gallegos (Left), and La Emi’s dance partner Juan.

I created this painting as a demonstration project during a PainterLab session, January, 2021, using ‪Corel‬ ‪Painter 2021‬ on an MacBook Pro with a ‎Wacom‬ Intuos Pro M. The main brush I used in Painter was the Heavy Texture Knife, an example of a Thick Paint brush. You can see how the painting evolved in the PainterLab recording posted on PaintboxTV.com.

My series of Flamenco-inspired artworks includes:
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