Future Presence at Kepler’s
iPad Sketch Notes

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This iPad sketch/notes was drawn (using iPad Pro, Apple Pencil Procreate app) at Kepler’s Bookstore, Menlo Park, as WIRED Platforms Editor Peter Rubin, in conversation with Second Life founder and High Fidelity co-founder Philip Rosedale, discussed Rubin’s latest book, Future Presence: How Virtual Reality Is Changing Human Connection, Intimacy, and the Limits of Ordinary Life. As you can tell from my notes, which almost overtook the sketch, it was an absolutely fascinating discussion! They ranged from an overview of the history of VR to discussing the technical, social, creative, ethical and societal implications of this revolutionary new world of immersive virtual experiences. Very stimulating!

Here’s the time-lapse replay video:

They pointed out that there is a directness of contact in VR as you face and look at each other and see each other’s movement, gestures and mannerisms, a facet of the presence and embodiment quality of a VR experience, that is different and more powerful, than anything experienced before.

While I’ve been experimenting and exploring creating art within the VR world (using Oculus Rift and Tilt Brush – see “Gustavo” – a VR Portrait), after listening to this conversation I am all the more excited about the social possibilities of VR for performance, education, collaborative creativity and the social sharing of VR art, technique and process.

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