Experience Augmented Reality (AR)
in my Art Using the HP Reveal App

The Augmented Reality (AR) component I add to some of my artworks is a video overlay that is visible on any smart device running the free AR app HP Reveal by anyone viewing any version of the image, large or small, printed or on screen. The overlay videos typically show the time-lapse replay of the creative process (when an iPad painting), are often accompanied by music, and sometimes include some video clips showing me painting the image. Thus the AR component deepens the viewers’ understanding of the artwork and adds an experiential component that shines light on the process and the story behind the art.

  1. Find an image with the AR Enabled sign you see above. I am using this sign to identify which of my images I have AR enabled. You’ll find samples of my AR enabled artworks at the bottom of this page for you to try out.
  2. On your smart device, which could be a smart phone or iPad, please turn up the sound to medium volume setting (most of my AR videos have sound which adds to the richness of the experience).
  3. Download the HP Reveal app onto your mobile device. It is available on the iOS iTunes App Store and on the Google Android Play Store.
  4. Click on the detect symbol at the center bottom of the screen (looks like four square corners in a solid blue circle).

  5. You’ll now see your camera view with six bouncing balls bouncing in and out of a central stationary ball. Point your device’s camera at my artwork, which can be either a physical print or a screen image. You’ll now see the AR video overlay! Here’s an AR enabled image, my portrait of Satjiv Chahil, you can use to test the AR functionality:

  6. To replay the video overlay from the beginning just turn your device camera away from the artwork (which automatically discontinues the AR video overlay) and then direct your device camera back again at the artwork and the AR video will start playing again from the beginning.

To save you time searching on my site, here are some other of my AR enabled artworks:

Daedalus Quartet at Kohl Mansion

Drew Bennett

Gustavo – VR Portrait

West Hollywood Garden

Art of Jazz Tour 2018

Patience and John

The Hewlett Packard Garage, Palo Alto

SRI International, Menlo Park

Intel, Santa Clara

Xerox PARC, Palo Alto

Apple Park, “The Spaceship”, Cupertino

Google Bikes, “Googleplex”, Mountain View

Facebook Thumbs Up Sign, Menlo Park

Twitter, San Francisco

Painting the Scene at the Davis Estates