This is one of my earliest digital artworks. It was create on July 7th, 1991, using a Wacom 12″ x 12″ graphics tablet (SD-420E Digitizer) and SuperMac’s PixelPaint Pro painting software with a Macintosh IIfx computer. The original file is 512 x 512 pixels resolution. You can see below the difference between the original file and a resampled file. There was a beauty in the pure pixelization of the original. Resampled files literally “mush up” the pixels.

I created this at a juncture when my life was starting to transition from physics to art. Honoring one of my physics heroes in digital paint was a poignant way to express that bridge between the world of relativity and quantum mechanics and that of pixels and paint!

Here are close ups showing the beauty of the clean pixelization that reflects both the low resolution and the digital brush processing algorithms of the day:

Compare these to a file of the same image that was resampled and resized to a higher resolution (3000 x 3000 pixels):

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