Cherwell Idyll, Jeremy Sutton 2017, MacBook Air, Corel Painter 2018, Wacom Intuos Pro M pen tablet

On a recent visit to Oxford I was punting along the River Cherwell when I came across Cécile and Rob chatting on the river bank, their punt moored next to them. They kindly let me take reference photos of them. The scene looked like a painting! I painted this using mostly the new Thick Paint and Sargent brushes introduced in the just-released Corel Painter 2018 paint program. It was a great project in which to explore the wonderful new ways you can paint digitally with thick impasto texture!

To learn the new features of Painter 2018 and enjoy hands-on in-person instruction, please join the Corel Painter 2018 Creativity Workshop in San Francisco, July 26 – 28, 2017. For a full list of my upcoming classes and events please refer to my Classes and Events page.

In case you’re not familiar with “punting” it is a wonderful way to propel yourself along a shallow river standing at one end of a flat bottomed boat, known as a punt, using a pole to provide momentum and steering. Here’s a little demonstration:

(Thanks to volunteer videographer Sophie who was just reading a book at the side of the river when I asked her to film this!)

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