Live Painting at Augmenting Cities Symposium

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Live painting at the opening reception of the Augmenting Cities: A Playful Path to Community inaugural symposium, hosted by Niantic and the Knight Foundation at the Oakland Museum of California to gather and reflect on how people, cities, and technology will evolve and be shaped through augmented reality (AR). I used the iPad Pro 12.9 (3rd gen.), Apple Pencil 2 and Procreate app to create this artwork. It took approximately 2 hours. I incorporated into the painting visual elements from the Niantic AR game Pokémon GO.

Augmenting Cities 2019, 22″ x 40″, pigment ink on canvas

Just as mobile communication and computing has altered the evolution of cities over the last 20 years, AR technology stands to fundamentally change how we connect and interact with each other and experience public spaces and communities for decades to come.

In painting the opening reception (above), and some of the presentations and workshop sessions (below), I mapped what I saw and, in the spirit of the symposium, playfully augmented my sketches with layers of additional imagery and information, each painting telling it’s own story of the experience. The painting of the reception included artistic contributions by attendees. The paintings were displayed on a large LED screen for everyone to enjoy watching the process and the replay videos afterwards.

Symposium Presentations






Urban Playshop Sessions




From program


Big thank you to the Niantic and Eventus Outdoors teams for putting on such a stimulating and interesting symposium and inviting me to paint live during the event.

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