Calling all artists! Extend, and add value to, your artworks, 2-dimensional or sculptural, with an astounding “wow-factor” Augmented Reality (AR) extension of a video overlay that will delight, educate, entertain and engage your visitors and collectors.

You can do all this yourself using the amazing AR app Artivive. However if you’re too busy to do that or just not versed in video editing and able to customize your video for a professional look and production quality that exactly fits you and your art, then that’s where I can help you. I come from this as both an artist using AR as well as an online educator who has done video editing and production for many years.

Though I am based in San Francisco, the whole process can be done completely remotely from anywhere in the world. I’ll send you instructions for the files I need and I’ll do the video cropping, editing, adding music, sizing the video to exactly fit your artwork, uploading it into the Artivive AR dashboard and using a “forever” AR Artivive account license so your work will stay AR active “forever”.

The introductory price for this service is $399 USD per extended artwork where you provide the source photo and video and music selection. That includes a “forever” Artivive activation. Please email me at if you’d like to have any of your artworks augmented!

In the video at the top of this page artist Peggy Gyulai shares her first reaction to having one of her paintings extended with Augmented Reality (AR), produced and programmed by myself. You can see her augmented video by installing the free app Artivive on your smart device (iPhone, iPad or Android phone) and pointing it at this painting of Peggy’s: