Amsterdam Swing Out Challenge 2018

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“Once upon a time in Amsterdam there was a Lindy Hop Swing Dance Exchange. Dancers came from all over the world to dance. The Amsterdam Lindy Exchange (ALX) set a Swing Out Challenge to dance all over the city. Lucia and Jeremy decided to take up the challenge! This is their story…”

Lucia and I won the Swing Out Challenge!

The most valuable prize we gained was the unforgettable memory of dancing all over Amsterdam!

Thank you ALX Team!!

As you can see from the instructions above they only ask for three locations but Lucia and I decided to go for all eight! We started at 3pm on the Saturday of the deadline and uploaded the final video at 1 minute to the 7pm deadline!!

Music credits:

Intro & Outro Bumpy Roof Band
Westermarkt Splanky & Shiny Stockings – Basie
A Canal Bridge Broadway – Basie, Fly Me to the Moon – Sinatra/Basie
Dam Lucas Martinez & Guiseppe Carpesi
De Waag Corner Pocket – Basie
Ferry Sent for You Yesterday – Basie
Rembrandtplein Sent for You Yesterday – Basie
Magere Brug Sent for You Yesterday – Basie
De Balie Sent for You Yesterday – Basie

Recorded music from album: Count Basie Essentials

Black long-sleeved T-shirt Jeremy is wearing: Birdland All-Stars Art of Jazz Tour 2018

Dancers: Lucia Pellitero & Jeremy Sutton

Lindy Hop is the original form of swing dancing that originated in the 1930s danced mostly to big bands like the Count Basie Orchestra.
A Lindy Exchange is a small dance festival where a local community of Lindy Hop dancers invites other Lindy Hoppers from all over the world to come and enjoy dancing in their city for a weekend.

Thank you to all the very nice folks enlisted at each location who kindly followed our cinemagraphic instructions and took time to record the videos of us with my iPad!

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