Art of Jazz 2018

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Click here to see the artworks created on this tour.

During January and February of 2018 I participated in an epic and amazing Art of Jazz tour with the Birdland All-Stars featuring Tommy Igoe. On this five week tour of the eastern United States I painted live on stage as the band played, working in three media: on canvas, paper and iPad. I performed in 20 cities, travelled 6,500 miles in a bus and created over 125 artworks. The artworks were silent auctioned immediately following each performance. Huge thanks to the entire Birdland All-Stars Team!!

The cross-media live performances were a unique combined sonic/visual experience or, as Tommy said:
“Sonic zoo / visual zoo!! Jeremy, you’re as much a jazz artist as we are. Visually representing what we do sonically.”
As with jazz I improvised and took risk and created something completely different for every show. Tommy expressed it as “dangerous creativity” where “the wheels could come off the bus”, though they in fact never do…

Kutztown University Performing Artists Series, Kutztown, Pennsylvania


  1. leo
    January 27, 2018

    great work, Jeremy ! beautiful.

  2. Aaron Amey
    January 29, 2018

    I just watched Jeremy paint live at the Birdland All-Star Band concert staring Tommy Igoes at George Mason University last night. It was very impressive. It was definitely impressive watching both art mediums coming together. Jeremy painted on his I-pad and on canvas – very cool!


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