My artworks are available as virtuals – digital image files that are licensed for virtual use only that can be displayed in a digital art frame like the EO1 or the Meural Canvas series, or used as a Zoom virtual background, or as a smart device wallpaper, or as a computer desktop or screensaver image, or any combination of those. The virtual image license fee for a single user for personal use is $299.

Many of my recent iPad images also include a very cool Augmented Reality (AR) extension, usually a replay video overlay, viewable via the free app Artivive on any smart mobile device.

When you license one of my artworks as a virtual you are purchasing a non-exclusive, single-user, non-transferrable license for personal, virtual (non-printed), non-commercial use. You will receive a high quality, 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), JPG digital image file delivered via email. Where an image aspect ratio is different to 16:9 (the 1080p ratio), then I will crop the image to 1080p, applying my artistic judgement to choose the crop.

Virtual image displayed on digital art frame EO1

Virtual image used as a Zoom virtual background

Virtual image displayed as a Macintosh computer desktop

The virtual image may not be printed, transferred, shared, sold, rented or used for any commercial purpose. The copyright of all artworks by Jeremy Sutton remain with the artist. This is the case even if a print is purchased or a virtual version of the artwork is licensed. Where possible an augmented reality video overlay of the image will be included (this depends whether the image was created in Procreate on the iPad or not). As mentioned above, the virtual image license fee for a single user for personal use only is $299. This is a “forever” price, meaning once you purchase the license you may display the image in your digital art frame etc for all time. This price is just for the digital file only (and AR extension where applicable) and does not include the cost of the means of display such as a digital art frame, smart device or computer.

To Purchase a Single-Artwork, Single-User, Non-Exclusive, Non-Transferrable, Non-Commercial Virtual Use License
Please email me at Let me know which artwork you wish to license (if it is on this site please include the url link). After confirming which artwork, I will send you a PayPal invoice. This invoice can be paid by credit card. Once payment is received the virtual image will be emailed to you.