Virtual Rose Garden
Collaborative Mural Art Activity for Online Conference

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This virtual rose garden was created using over 50 contributions from attendees of an online conference. The contributions were added to an online gallery (shown below) over a period of five days during which I added them to the virtual mural each day, sharing progress with the client.

The conference brought together a complete community — patients and their family members; researchers; care-givers; and therapeutics, medicine and health solution providers — connected with caring for those with very rare diseases. They were all invited to contribute to the virtual rose garden. The theme of the rose garden was chosen because the charity that was being supported during this conference was To Cure a Rose Foundation.


The writing you see in the online gallery shown above are answers to the question “Why do you care about Rare” that each contributor was asked to include with their visual contribution. The gallery itself, with these comments, was a very beautiful and moving testament to the bravery and love in this special community.

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