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An engaging, entertaining, amusing, inspiring and stimulating innovative creative keynote delivered remotely via Zoom: a deep and penetrating portrait in words and paint. Jeremy is a consummate host; amiable and deeply curious and inquisitive conversationalist with a keen intelligence (an Oxford-educated former physicist); and a talented portrait painter able to render a likeness in a few brush strokes. He thoroughly researches and extensively prepares for each Portrait Conversation. This preparation includes setting up a custom Keynote presentation to accompany and illustrate the conversation, containing, for instance, meaningful music, historical photos, significant documents and other images.

The Portrait Conversations uniquely combine a fascinating conversation between Jeremy and an inspirational featured guest of world stature which probes the guest’s life path, stories, wisdoms and insights; while Jeremy simultaneously paints a portrait of the guest using an iPad and digital paint, sharing the process and progress with the audience as he proceeds. Truly a one-of-a-kind experience and that your guests will cherish and enjoy.

The keynote can include real-time audience interactivity and active participation, with Jeremy asking questions of the guest that the audience sends in during the keynote and sharing relevant comments.

This is a long form conversation that ideally extends to 90 minutes. If your keynote event is limited in time to, for instance, 45 or 60 minutes, then the Portrait Conversation can be adapted to suit, with a careful plan regarding what key topic areas are to be covered.

To see examples of past Portrait Conversations please visit the
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