3D Painting
I am exploring the exciting artistic possibilities of the amazing world of 3D paint, using tools like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Tilt Brush, Masterpiece VR, and so on. It has to be experienced to be believed! Not only can you paint in three dimensions with depth in the z axis as well as in the x and y plane, but you can also walk around and even through your brush strokes!! Click here to see a live 3D painting performance that I did in Las Vegas based on using Tilt Brush.

Eye Painting
It sounds like a tautology – surely all painting involves the eyes, and the tracking of the eyes, along with coordinated hand movement. Except here I was using the Eye Tech Digital Systems eye tracking system to control my painting cursor, blinking to click and double blinking to double click. And it really works!

Air Painting
Worked closely with Corel on integrating a version of their painting software, Corel Painter Freestyle, with the Leap Motion 3D controller that allows gesture driven painting, what I call air painting. Also with another developer on gesture software that used the Kinect motion sensing input system, and with the developer of Ethereal, a Leap Motion enabled air painting software. I have also been exploring using Leap Motion with the Oculus Rift for gesture controlled 3D painting!

Pond Painting
Then came my introduction to the Touchjet Pond when I demonstrated it at the de Young Museum’s ArtPoint Jewel City event. Let me digress a moment and look back a few years… I was talking to my friends at Wacom – the creators of the pen tablets that I have used with Mac/PC paint programs, like PixelPaint Pro and Corel Painter, for the last twenty something years – and describing my ideal scenario for live digital painting as performance. I said something like this: “I’d love to have the ability to digitally paint with large free brush strokes on a huge canvas, to move my whole body, and for everyone to see the paint appear as I do so.” Well, at the de Young Museum, using the fabulous Touchjet Pond technology, and the Android app Corel Painter Mobile, projected onto a large real stretched canvas, my wish came true!!!