Remote Life Drawing

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San Francisco Open Studios

This drawing was created from remote observation of a Life Drawing Class 5,300 miles away at CICCIC (Creative Innovation Centre CIC) in Taunton, UK. The class was a companion activity arranged by the Grey Turner Surgical Club medical conference. The session was run by my sister and fellow artist, Debbi Sutton. I drew on an iPad Pro using an Apple Pencil and the Procreate app in my San Francisco studio. Throughout the session I observed and interacted with the class via a GoToMeeting live session on iMacs. In the UK an iMac was my presence in the class, enabling interaction between myself and the students and for them to see my work as it developed.

I worked on one canvas the entire time, developing the drawing over four poses. Here are the three earlier poses:

Replay of the drawing, showing how I altered the drawing to reflect the changing scene and responding to the changing poses throughout the session.

This is what the scene looked like at my end of the world (and early in the morning!):

And what the scene looked like in Taunton (you can see me on the computer screen if you look carefully…):

Photos from Taunton: Richard Holt

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