Fine Art Prints on Canvas

Price options for framed, ready to hang, pigment inkjet canvas prints of my digital art are as follows (dimensions are longest dimensions, other sizes can be quoted on request):
20″ – 24″:                 $500
26″ – 30″:                 $1,200
36″ – 40″:                 $1,800
50″ – 60″:                 $2,500
The frame included in this pricing is the gold and black float frame shown below:

For deliveries within California 8.5% sales tax is added to above prices. Packing and shipping to anywhere in the USA is additional $100 – $250 depending on size and destination. Unique one-of-a-kind custom hand-embellishment of print surface with mixed media is additional $1,000.

Examples of paintings that can be purchased as digital prints include my Art of Jazz and Iconic Silicon Valley Places series.

Fine Art Prints on Metal

The high gloss dye sublimation MetalPrints on aluminum give color saturation and surface quality that is closest to what I see and experience when I paint on my iPad. Prices for MetalPrints (listed by dimension of longest side) are:
14″:                 $450
26″:                 $800
36″:                 $1,200
3/4″ Inset Frame with Wire Hanger
Metal Easel Back for tabletop display (suitable for small prints)

iPad Artworks: Digital Files, Replay Videos and AR

In the case of the purchase of prints of my iPad artworks, I include a low resolution digital file of the final artwork, suitable for social media sharing (800 pixel maximum dimension JPEG with copyright notice watermark) and, where available, a time-lapse replay video. An Augmented Reality (AR) component overlay of the replay video, viewable on any mobile device using the HP Reveal app, is available for an additional $250.

To Make a Purchase

Please email me at Let me know which artwork you wish to buy (if it is on this site please include the url link). If it is a digital artwork then give me a rough idea of the maximum dimension you wish of the print and whether you would like a print on metal, canvas or paper. Custom artwork commissions are quoted on a case-by-case basis. After confirming what you wish to purchase I will send you a PayPal invoice for the artwork and any shipping. This invoice can be paid by credit card. Once payment is received the artwork will be shipped.