Want to Purchase a Print of One of My Artworks?

I offer something for all budgets and spaces!


If you want something small, (relatively) cheap and cheerful then for $100 I can produce an 8″ by 10″ pigment inkjet print on glossy photo paper (which gives good saturation and color depth) and mount it in a simple but elegant glass-fronted black frame, ready to hang on your wall. Many of my artworks are not exactly 8 by 10 proportions (height/width) and in that case I recommend I print them so they fit into the 8×10 format with white background. It’ll still look cool:-)

8×10 print of the Art of Jazz iPad painting


If you’d like something a little more substantial, then I offer either high gloss dye sublimation MetalPrints on aluminum or stretched and framed pigment inkjet canvas prints. The MetalPrints are produced by an excellent local vendor, BayPhoto, who I have worked with for many years. The MetalPrints give color saturation and surface quality that is closest to what I see and experience when I paint on my iPad, and come with an Exhibit Mount inset frame for added strength and a Performance EXT finish for maximum overall durability.

The pricing for medium-sized prints is the same whether you choose the MetalPrint or framed canvas option. Here are some different medium-size options (maximum dimension given) with pricing:

14″:                 $450 (MetalPrint or framed canvas)

20″:                 $600 (MetalPrint or framed canvas)

30″:                 $800 (MetalPrint or framed canvas)

3/4″ Inset Frame with Wire Hanger for a MetalPrint.

The frame included in this pricing for canvas prints is the gold and black float frame.


If you really wish to make a splash, a visual statement, and have a substantial sized piece that visitors walk in and see and say “wow!”, then you may wish to go for a large print of at least 40 inches. Any size is possible, literally! I can quote for anything you can imagine – just ask. In the meantime here are some different large-size options (maximum dimension given) with pricing:

40″:                 $1,000 (MetalPrint or framed canvas)

50″:                 $1,500 (framed canvas)

72″:                 $2,500 (framed canvas)

48″ by 16″ framed canvas print of Washington DC reception painting

For deliveries within California 8.5% sales tax is added to above prices. Packing and shipping to anywhere in the USA is additional and quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Augmented Reality
Examples of paintings that can be purchased as digital prints include my Art of Jazz and Iconic Silicon Valley Places series. In the case of the purchase of prints of my iPad artworks, an Augmented Reality (AR) component overlay of the replay video, viewable on any mobile device using the HP Reveal app, is offered on a case-by-case basis.

To Make a Purchase
Please email me at jeremy@jeremysutton.com. Let me know which artwork you wish to buy (if it is on this site please include the url link). Give me a rough idea of the maximum dimension you wish of the print and whether you would like the print on metal or canvas (unless the small 8×10). After confirming what you wish to purchase I will send you a PayPal invoice for the artwork including any applicable tax, packing and shipping. This invoice can be paid by credit card. Once payment is received the print will produced and shipped, usually within 21 business days.