Graham and Jenny, 2019, 30″ x 24″ Epson Ultrachrome pigment ink on Breathing Color Lyve canvas

This portrait was created from life in my studio using an iPad Pro 12.9, Apple Pencil 2 and the Procreate app. This image has been extended with the enhanced experiential dimensionality of an augmented reality (AR) component that is viewable using the free AR art app Artivive (“bringing art to life”). When you view this artwork through a smart device with the app Artivive open, you will see a super cool time-lapse replay video of my creative process plus contextual documentation of how the artwork was created (the same video shown immediately below). This means that when Graham and Jenny entertain visitors they can point their phones at their framed portrait hanging in their home and, using the Artivive app with the volume turned up, share this same video you see here magically superimposed over the artwork!

Click here to learn more about how I use AR in my art. For a sense of the AR buzz in the art world read this article in The Art Newspaper. Below are some photos from the studio showing Graham and Jenny after the portrait was finished.

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