Portrait of Ebru, 2000

This portrait was created during my performance on the eFunds trade show booth at the Bank Administration Institute’s (BAI) Retail Delivery 2000 Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was created using Corel Painter 6 software, a Macintosh Powerbook and a Wacom tablet. You can see below a thirty minute video that was taken at the time by a colleague of Ebru of me painting her portrait. Please forgive the poor sound quality. It will still give you a good idea of the way I work and how effective having me on the booth was for my client, eFunds. Whilst the technology I use for live digital painting has advanced since this was created (more often I am now painting portraits on my iPad), I still provide live interactive entertainment at trade shows like this (see jeremysutton.com/live-event-painting). Please email me if you are interested in arranging for me to create live digital portraits at your own trade show booth, company meeting or special event.

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