Presenting Cirque Paint – Juggling in Space & with Paint! Plus Transport Themed Mural

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Cirque Paint

Fifth generation award-winning circus performer Gena Cristiani performed live with myself at a conference dinner in Orlando, Florida. As Gena juggled I painted in response to her, using custom brushes on a iPad that reflected the objects Gena juggled with. My brush strokes were displayed in real time on a 70′ x 15′. I used the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Procreate app. This act can be adapted and customized to suit any special event.

Transport Themed Mural

Prior to this performance, while guests were eating their dinner, I created a live painting that represented the subject matter of the conference: the vehicles and tools of moving — ships, cranes, trains and planes. Here’s a replay of the painting (which I painted over an hour and half):

And here’s the final art:

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