Transport Themed 70′ Virtual Mural + “Cirque Paint” Juggling / Painting!

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While guests were enjoying their conference gala awards dinner at the annual conference of the International Association of Movers (IAM), I created a live painting titled “Land, Sea, Air” (above) that represented the subject matter of the conference: the vehicles and tools of moving — ships, cranes, trains and planes. My brush strokes were displayed in real time on a monumental sized 70′ wide by 15′ high projection screen. I used the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Procreate app.

Here’s a replay of the painting (which I painted over an hour and half):

“Cirque Paint”
Gena Juggles / Jeremy Paints!

After the dinner, as a featured performance, myself and fifth generation award-winning circus performer Gena Cristiani presented “Cirque Paint” in which Gena juggled as I painted in response to her, using custom brushes on a iPad that reflected the objects Gena juggled with. It wowed the audience! This act can be adapted and customized to suit any special event.

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