“Alt.Musica at Parallel Play” by Jeremy Sutton, iPad pro, Apple Pencil and Procreate app

This art was created live at the “Parallel Play: ENCORE” on Sunday, April 21, featuring the music of the Alt.Musica ensemble.

ART & MUSIC collided again in the rooftop studio of artist Peggy Gyulai, featuring fellow artist Jeremy Sutton. Peggy and Jeremy drew the splendid musicians of ALT.MUSICA featuring Elaine Alt on Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Baritone saxophones, Clarinet in A, and Voice, with the alt.musica string quartet and rhythm section, as they played ten songs composed by Elaine Alt as well as Oscar Moore, Johannes Brahms, Malcolm X, Aeion Solar, Miles Davis, Charles Mingus and Dave Brubeck. The music style incorporates contrasts and mashups of Swing, Latin Jazz, Funk, Afro-Cuban and Classical elements.

Recordings for all of them are linked at

The set list was as follows:

Set I

It Only Happens Once
Composed by Frankie Lane, Arranged by D. Elaine Alt
Swing Ballad 104 bpm
4 minutes

Composed by D. Elaine Alt
Latin Jazz (2/3 Rhumba Clave) 104 bpm
6 minutes

You Don’t Know What Love Is
Composed by Raye/du Paul, Arranged by D. Elaine Alt
Jazz Ballad 54 bpm
6 minutes

Don’t Wait for Me
Composed by D. Elaine Alt
Latin Jazz 148 bpm
8 minutes

As It Was
Composed by D. Elaine Alt
Afro-Cuban 104 bpm
9 minutes

Set II

Beautiful Moons Ago
Composed by O. Moore, Arranged by D. Elaine Alt
Swing 112 bpm
4 minutes

Composed by Johannes Brahms & D. Elaine Alt, Arranged by D. Elaine Alt
Classica/Funk 100 bpm
7 minutes

We Declare
Composed by D. Elaine Alt, Lyrics by Malcolm X
Martial Jazz/Afro-Cuban Ballad 92 bpm
5 minutes

Composed by Devendra Sharma, Arranged by D. Elaine Alt
Indian Nauntanki 58 pbm
6 minutes

Stomping Ground
Composed by D. Elaine Alt
Latin Jazz/Swing 172 bpm
8 minutes

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