Interactive Engagement for Virtual Events
Creative Entertainment Experiences

Team-Building / Art Breaks / Virtual Draw-Alongs / Zoom Art Classes / Paint ’n’ Sips


Jeremy leads participants in a short art activity, with music accompanying their drawing/painting time. Everyone gets to make something. Jeremy’s enthusiasm, encouragement and passion is catching and everyone enjoy these creative interactive sessions! Each session is customized and adapted to suit the client’s needs. The example above, the Mad Hatter Virtual Art & Tea Party, was centered around an “Alice in Wonderland” theme and was produced in conjunction with Earth Circus who supplied the themed characters (March Hare and Red Queen). The sessions are typically run as a Zoom Meeting with participants showing their work, as in the examples shown in these videos. They are typically one hour long – this gives sufficient time for a short educational demonstration by Jeremy with handy art tips, and enough time for participants to draw without feeling rushed. For the most personal experience I recommend keeping the sessions group size to 50 or less, though more could be accommodated if needed. At the end of the session participants typically upload their artworks onto a shared “Padlet” virtual gallery (shown at the end of this video).

The art media, tools and subject matter are flexible and customizable to suit each groups’ needs. Usually Jeremy demonstrates using the Procreate app on the iPad since it makes it very easy for attendees to watch (on screen share) and follow the process. However attendees can use any media. Likewise Jeremy will either use a Zoomed in live model or set up a still life and share it in a Zoom window. In the case of still life exercises attendees are always welcome to use what is in front of them. Jeremy is aware that with virtual meetings not everyone has the same facilities or tools available and is always adaptable and flexible in that regard, making sure everyone accomplishes something and has a good time!

These remote sessions typically take 30 – 60 minutes. They can serve as a relaxing end-of-day “paint ’n’ sip” social, with, for instance, a famous artist’s style as a theme. Great as an entertaining value add for conference marketing for online events. Bring everyone together virtually for a refreshing time of art and artistry!

‘My Window’ is a collaborative art-making virtual engagement experience for virtual conferences, team-building meetings and other virtual group events.

Collaborative artwork made up of individual attendees’ drawings of the view they each see looking out of their window, all created during the live interactive Zoom session! One of the participants commented: “That was fun – thanks! To see my little sketch incorporated in the collage gave me a warm feeling! Thanks for putting the collage together.” A time-lapse replay of the collage process is shown below.



No art experience needed. Attendees can work with any media – pen and paper, pencil, crayons, iPad with Procreate app – all is okay, digital or traditional.


We start with a warm welcome, an inspirational intro slide-show and a short drawing demo followed by time for attendees to draw or paint their view out of a window. This experience can be completely customized to suit a client’s needs, themes and branding. The subject matter does not have to be ‘My Window’. This is a great team building virtual activity and also can contribute to building creative and lateral thinking skills through art practice.


The symbol of the view out of a window has a long history in fine art: from Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael, through Henri Matisse and Rene Magritte, to Edward Hopper and David Hockney, to name a few. This participative art experience builds on that tradition. Attendees are welcome to take the subject matter of ‘My Window’ as literally or metaphorically as they wish.


After the drawing and painting segment of the “My Window” experience attendees then send or upload their artworks or photos of their artworks. I use the artworks submitted to construct a single, unified, final collaborative artwork that incorporates all the submitted individual artworks by the participants. I treat each artwork as an individual brush stroke and build up a mosaic collage of them. I then share that final collaborative artwork (after the session) with the client who can either distribute the final artwork to attendees digitally or use it to create a beautiful printed thank you card to mail to attendees.As an added innovative touch the final collaborative artwork can have an Augmented Reality (AR) extension component (a video overlay) viewable via an AR app on any smart device. Many exciting possibilities!

‘Sketch to the Groove’ is an engaging, interactive virtual art experience designed as a fun, lively and energizing creative “stretch break” for virtual conference participants. You can think of this as an Art Break, Virtual Draw-Along, Zoom Art Class or Paint ’n’ Sip. A great way to bring together a team or group of conference attendees and to bring out their creativity!

To discuss a Sketch to the Groove Virtual Art Break, please email me at I look forward to working with you!