‘Sketch to the Groove’ is an engaging, interactive virtual art experience designed as a fun, lively and energizing creative “stretch break” for virtual conference participants. Jeremy will lead participants in a short art exercises with drawing from still life or a clothed model. Jeremy’s enthusiasm and passion is catching and everyone will enjoy this session! Each session will be customized and adapted to suit the client’s needs. The session can be run either for small groups as a Zoom Meeting with participants showing their work, or as a Zoom Webinar suitable for very large conferences. It could be a one off or designed as part of a series. It is also available for companies to provide their remote workforce on a regular basis. Please email Jeremy (jeremy@jeremysutton.com) to discuss your needs and get a quotation.

The art media, tools and subject matter are flexible and customizable to suit each groups’ needs. Usually Jeremy demonstrates using the Procreate app on the iPad since it makes it very easy for attendees to watch (on screen share) and follow the process. However attendees can use any media. Likewise Jeremy will either use a Zoomed in live model or set up a still life and share it in a Zoom window. In the case of still life exercises attendees are always welcome to use what is in front of them. Jeremy is aware that with virtual meetings not everyone has the same facilities or tools available and is always adaptable and flexible in that regard, making sure everyone accomplishes something and has a good time!