Artist Documenter Jeremy Sutton captures your travels in a way that is much more personal and unique than photographs or video. Going on a family holiday and want a unique hand-crafted fine art documentation of the experience, that everyone can enjoy as a memento? Holding a business offsite, destination event or incentive meeting and want a super-cool innovative artistic documentation that can be shared as a special thank you with all attendees?

Think of bringing Jeremy along on a trip as you may bring a personal chef, but instead of a personal chef you have a personal artist – a world class digital artist. Jeremy, equipped with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, will create a series of unique artistic sketches from life documenting your travels. Being digitally created they can easily be printed afterwards as beautiful fine art prints for everyone in your group. Adding an extra dimension of magic, Jeremy can extend the prints with an Augmented Reality video overlay that show the brushstrokes unfolding of each artwork.

Jeremy is a digital paint pioneer, author, speaker and world class live event painter who has worked with Cirque du Soleil and performed at the Smithsonian. He is also a media personality, founder of PaintboxTV and host of The Portrait Conversation webcast. You’ll find Jeremy‚Äôs gregarious spirit and friendly demeanor a very fun addition to your group, as well as his artistic skills being an asset in documenting your wonderful travel experience.

While the pandemic is on-going Jeremy will keep to all socially distanced protocols, including mask-wearing. Jeremy will work world-wide and is flexible in terms of time. The final prints will be beautiful framed canvas prints that can be shipped to all group members. Being digitally created the digital files can also be shared through social media and used for thank you and greeting cards etc. There are many exciting possibilities of how you can use the custom art that Jeremy creates for you.

To discuss booking Jeremy for documenting a travel destination experience, please email him at

The painting at the top of this page depicts one of the beautiful picturesque alleys of the ancient city of Ortigia, Siracusa, Sicily.