If you would like to purchase one of of my existing artworks, please email me at jeremy@jeremysutton.com or call me at the studio 415-641-1221. Let me know which artwork you wish to buy (if it is on this site please include the url link). If it is a digital artwork then give me a rough idea of the maximum dimension you wish of the print and whether you would like a print on paper, canvas or metal. Original traditional media drawings and paintings (non-digital), and custom bespoke artwork commissions, are quoted on a case-by-case basis. Digital print prices for my digital art is as follows:

Max dimension 10″:                 $99
Max dimension 14″:                 $299
Max dimension 28″:                 $599
Max dimension 36″:                 $1,199

Prices exclude California sales tax, packing and shipping. Prints can be on paper, canvas or metal (pricing the same).

After confirming what you wish to purchase I will send you a PayPal invoice for the artwork and any shipping. This invoice can be paid by credit card. Once payment is received the artwork will be shipped.

Mark with a 16×20 stretched print of the iPad portrait I created of him