‘Parallel Play – Virtual Edition’ is unique multi-sensory entertainment for virtual conference receptions, galas or parties. Artist Jeremy Sutton live paints musicians as they play in an atmospheric ambience. The combination of both musical and visual art forms creating together in real time maximizes audience engagement. Interactivity can be added for even more engagement through use of the Zoom Chat to share real time attendee requests, questions and reactions.

This is a high production value, multi-camera, real-time live performance music/art experience broadcast via the Zoom virtual live-streaming video conference platform. Everything is customized to suit the client’s needs — from the choice of art media, to the genre of music (from jazz, swing, salsa and Motown to classical, folk and flamenco) and the choice of venue (from sultry jazz club to cool contemporary art loft). The ‘Parallel Play – Virtual Edition’ package includes everything: the musicians (from solo artistes and small ensembles to big bands), the visual artist, the cool venue, the high quality production and the live streaming delivery platform.

A visual enhancement can include projection of the live art behind the musicians. You can see below examples of Jeremy’s live performance art being displayed as part of the stage design behind the Birdland All-Stars featuring Tommy Igoe (on the ‘Art of Jazz’ east coast tour) and behind Seal (at launching of the ‘Seven Seas Splendor’ luxury cruise ship in Miami).


Besides offering the whole ‘Parallel Play – Virtual Edition’ package, Jeremy‘s live performance art is also available as ‘Parallel Play – On Stage’, a stand-alone service providing a live art dynamic stage backdrop to add to, and integrate and interact with, an existing stage show (dance, music, etc) for events and tours. Live art backing live music.