Corel Painter 2019 painting software, Wacom Intuos Pro M pen tablet, MacBook Air computer

This painting was created as a demonstration artwork during my Painter workshop at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre in March, 2019. It is based on a photograph I took during the class field trip to the beautiful Mounts Botanical Garden in West Palm Beach, Florida.

This painting is in the group show IN/Sight at Arts Benicia from July 25th through August 25th, 2019. This image has an Augmented Reality component enabled by Artivive, a free app on iOS or Android. Click on the icon below to be connected to Artivive on the Apple App store:

Enable access to your device camera when you open the Artivive app and also, for full effect (i.e. to hear the audio), please connect your device to earphones or a headset.

This is my Artist’s Statement for the show:

“Photography came out of painting, and now it is returning to it.” 
~ David Hockney

When I select a photograph to use as a reference for painting, my first question is “why?” Why bother to re-interpret a fine photo as a digital or mixed media painting? What’s the point?

My contribution to this show, “Gazebo”, shows an arbor in the Mounts Botanical Garden, West Palm Beach, Florida. It is based on a photograph I took during a class field trip when teaching a Corel Painter workshop at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre. I saw the potential for a much more colorful and expressive painted image that better conveyed the light and atmosphere, plus the vibrancy, variety and richness of color, than the original photo.

Through paint, digital and physical, I strive to bring life to my subject in a way that goes beyond what can be captured from a single point of view in a single moment in a camera. Paint, for me, is an expressive medium through which I can convey the visceral experience, energy and movement of a scene or subject from my unique creative viewpoint.

My tools for this piece were the Canon 6D camera for the capture; the Macintosh MacBook Air computer, Wacom Intuos pen tablet and Corel Painter 2019 for the digital painting; an Epson 9600 large format pigment ink printer for the printing of my digital painting onto canvas; and acrylic gel and paint for the post-print treatment.

Here are the show details:

At 10am on Friday, July 26th, I’ll give a 45 minute presentation about the processes I use, as part of a morning of presentations by participating artists:

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