Spring Open Studios Art Exhibition 2017

Spring Open Studios Art Exhibition 2017

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Jeremy working on his painting of Shahasp in a live art performance to the musical accompaniment of harpist Sarah Lamb (photography by Jay Cunanan) My Spring Open Studios Art Exhibition was part of a weekend where hundreds of artists open up their studios to the public throughout the Mission district in San Francisco (Mission Artists […]

Live Art on 6K Video Wall<br>Apple Union Squ.<br>March 4, 2017

Live Art on 6K Video Wall
Apple Union Squ.
March 4, 2017

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On March 4th, 2017, I sketched live on the 6K video screen in the Forum area of the beautiful new Apple Union Square in San Francisco. I used the iPadPro, Apple Pencil and the Procreate app. If you’re interested in learning to paint on the iPad in an in-depth workshop, then please join my “Inspiration […]

Parallel Play SF<br>Perception<br>February 25th, 2017

Parallel Play SF
February 25th, 2017

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3m17s Parallel Play SF is a “fresh vision for collaborative, live music and art experiences” founded by artist Peggy Gyulai and violist Deanna Badizadegan. This performance was co-produced with TheGlint.com and included Peggy drawing on paper and painting on canvas, me drawing on paper (ink washes and oil stick) and on the iPad Pro 12.9″ […]

“Under The Sea”<br>Live Event Painting<br>at TSE 2017

“Under The Sea”
Live Event Painting
at TSE 2017

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β€œIt was a pleasure to work with you, and I can’t thank you enough for your contribution to the Opening Night Party. Your Live Digital Painting was a HUGE hit!” ~ Greg Jenkins, Bravo Productions, Long Beach, California This video (above) shares some of atmosphere and portraits I created at the Opening Night Party of […]

Live iPad Portraits<br>Holiday Party in the Rodin Gallery

Live iPad Portraits
Holiday Party in the Rodin Gallery

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On December 17th, 2016, I painted live iPad portraits of guests at a company holiday party in the Walter and Phyllis Shorenstein Court (Rodin gallery) of the Legion of Honor Museum, San Francisco, where a lovely collection of Rodin sculptures is housed. The museum’s large collection of Rodin sculptures will be a central feature of […]

LIVE PAINTING at Yoshi’s<br><em>Jazz, Art & Prince</em>

Jazz, Art & Prince

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(4m 23s) LIVE PAINTING PERFORMANCES WITH THE TOMMY IGOE JAZZ CONSPIRACY AT YOSHI’S, OAKLAND, ON 8/23/16 & 12/20/16 Sonic zoo / visual zoo!! ~ Tommy Igoe Wow!! What amazing evenings! Both Jazz, Art and Prince performances were unique combined sonic/visual experiences! I worked on glass, paper and canvas with pixels, pastels and paint β€” drawing […]

Cabaret Night

Cabaret Night

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Welcome to the Cabaret! The portraits shown on this page were all created during a “Cabaret Night” themed company Holiday Party in a historical building in San Francisco. My tools were an iPad Pro 12.9″, Apple Pencil and Procreate app. At this event I was a “roving artist”, interacting and sketching guests throughout the evening […]

Havana Night – Live Painting in Boca Raton

Havana Night – Live Painting in Boca Raton

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Live painting the scene at a Havana Night themed opening party at a conference in the Boca Raton Resort & Club, Florida. The first half shows you the actual scene at the party, and the second shows the stroke by stroke replay of the creative process, showing how the painting evolved over four hours, compressed […]

<em>Monument Valley to Silicon Valley</em><br>Live Virtual Mural Painting<br>de Young Museum, Oct. 7, 2016

Monument Valley to Silicon Valley
Live Virtual Mural Painting
de Young Museum, Oct. 7, 2016

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World’s first 40′ wide virtual Touchjet POND mural painted live on museum wall in 2.5 hours! On Friday, October 7th, 2016, at the de Young Museum, San Francisco, myself and fellow artist Peggy Gyulai used multiple Touchjet POND projectors and the art app ArtRage to paint a forty foot wide virtual mural from scratch across […]

<em>iPad Figure Drawing Class</em><br>mDAC 2016

iPad Figure Drawing Class
mDAC 2016

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In the iPad Figure Drawing Class I taught at the mobile Digital Art & Creativity (mDAC) Summit in the Palo Alto Art Center on Sunday, August 14th, 2016, we drew from the model and explored movement, shape, line and tone, starting with short and moving poses and ending with longer poses. We used the app […]