Buying Artwork
My artwork is for sale. To purchase my art in person please either attend one of my live painting events where I auction work, such as my upcoming show with the Tommy Igoe Jazz Conspiracy, Jazz, Art & Prince, at Yoshi’s Oakland on Tuesday, December 20th, or arrange to visit my studio. I have a Holiday Open Studios art exhibition in my studio coming up this Sunday, December 11th, 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, amd that will be an ideal opporunity to purchase art from me in person!

To purchase artworks online from anywhere in the world please do so through my online catalog at ArtlyOwl. If the art you are interested in is not listed in my ArtlyOwl catalog then please let me know which artwork you are interested in and I can have it added to the catalog.

Commissioning a Custom Artwork
I draw and paint portraits from life in one or more sittings. Sitting for your portrait is a special and enjoyable experience: timeless, relaxing and meditative. The result is a unique reflection of you as interpreted through my brush strokes and marks on paper or canvas. I can also create a custom artwork of a scene, a building, an event or build up a collage portrait that tells a story of what is significant in some’s life.

I use either digital or traditional media or sometimes a combination of both. Both options result in the creation of a unique, original, one-of-a-kind artwork painted by hand, and based on, wherever possible, direct observation of my subject. My live digital portraits are primarily created using an iPad Pro and printed out using archival pigment ink on either paper or canvas. Sometimes further media is added to the canvas. My traditional media artworks may be drawings on paper or acrylic or oil paintings on canvas. Though I am able to work from photo reference, portrait commissions from life are always preferred and recommended. There is no substitute for the life, vitality, richness and movement that comes out of the live sitting portrait process. A photograph captures a single point of view at one moment with limited color and value information, whereas a live sitting encompasses a myriad of points of view with ever-changing light and infinitely more visual data (and range of color and value) than captured in a single photograph.

Once a commission is agreed on, if a live portrait, we will arrange an initial sitting, usually of around 2 hours duration. Please email me to schedule a portrait sitting. Sittings typically take place in my studio in San Francisco, though any location is possible. For a simple sketch or impression, this is sufficient. For a more developed artwork two or more sittings may be needed. The process is organic and the number of sessions does not have to be defined ahead of time.

Drawings on paper and simple digital sketches of a single subject that just require a single sitting start at $500, depending what is included, duration of sitting, size of final artwork and the media used. More subjects will increase price and duration of sitting. More complex and developed paintings, digital or traditional, typically start around $2,500, collage portraits from $5,000. Please email me to discuss your particular project.